Dainese Ergon Racing Helmet (Drudi Performance Racing Design).

I have owned other helmets (Shoei, Arai, AGV) over the years and as much as they have been
great they each have their downsides, as does the Dainese, however the Ergon is a great all round
helmet and its very light yet equally as strong as its competitors if not more so. Fortunately for me
this one matches my leathers and has clear, tinted & dark visors.

About the Helmet

Dainese was one of the first companies to produce and sell a complete range of clothing offering "Safety from head to toe.
Such as the Ergon helmet the shape, materials and components of which were completely conceived using a computer.
The use of CAD/CAM systems and simulation tests in wind tunnels resulted in its extremely aerodynamic, teardrop shape with a very high coefficient of protection, that is totally "pure", round, without openings and slits.
The shell is in carbon and Kevlar® and uses the revolutionary Outside Mould Lamination System. The result is a structure that is very light (1,230 grams) and yet with impact resistance values that are well above the norm.

The protective heart of the Ergon helmet held in the composite Carbon/Kevlar® /fibreglass structure.

The ventilation system uses the Venturi effect to pull the warm air inside away into the airstream. Its advanced ventilation system makes the Ergon helmet very comfortable.

Completing the range are the Natural Comfort Cap, an inner cap which is easily removable and washable, the completely curved faceshield, with partial-open multi-position detent .

Ergon Racing Helmet
It was specifically designed for races and for keen riders. Its characteristics are such as to place it at the peak of Dainese’s production and it is offered to the public enriched by an enormous number of accessories that enables it to be personalized. Amongst which we should like to mention the aerodynamic spoiler at the back used in races by riders such as Tokudome and Corser which used together with the Techno suit, equipped with an aerodynamic hump, has shown dramatic results both on the race track and on the road.

The Tattoo version has four colour variants to be matched to the coordinated Dainese collection and five plain colour versions to match the various Dainese clothing ranges.

The Troy Corser replica and Neil Hodgson replica with the new graphics used by riders.