Instructions for removal/refitting of ECU from Kawasaki ZX-6R 00-02 & ZZR600 05-07

First take off the pillion seat or seat cowl from the rear tail section.
Remove the 10mm bolt securing the rider seat to the sub-frame and remove rider seat
(pull up at rear and lift towards the back of bike)

Then remove the handles from the rear by undoing the hex bolts to the rear of the handles and the 12mm bolts inside securing the front of the handles.

Remove the 2 bolts securing the bottom of the tail section to the underside of the black under tail (yours may differ from the example).

Also remove the 2 screws securing each side of the front of the tail section to the sub-frame.

Once all of the tail bolts are removed you can now remove the locking mechanism which holds your seat/cowl in place,
to do this undo the 2 screws holding it to the top of the sub-frame.

With all of the bolts removed and the locking mechanism free you can now remove the tail section by pulling apart the 2 tabs at the front where the 2 side screws were
and pull it towards the rear of the bike past the rear lights and off of the bike (be careful to watch your locking mechanism doesnít snag).

On the left side of the bike (opposite to exhaust) in the middle of the sub-frame you will see the ECU.

Gently pry off the 2 plugs on the bottom (they have a locking tab (pinch and pull) DONíT SNAP THEM).

Plug the UK ECU into these 2 plugs and confirm your engine starts if it does, turn off the ignition and un-plug the UK ECU and put it to one side.
Undo the 3 x 10mm bolts holding the ECU to the sub-frame and remove it, place the UK ECU where the stock one came from and bolt it up.
Connect the plugs and repeat the engine start process to confirm that your engine starts up, if it does push the plugs all the way on to the ECU and lock in place,
turn off the ignition again and begin putting all of the parts back on your bike.

Re-fitting is the reverse of removal.
Once the bike is back together and you have made sure the handles are replaced tight start your engine and let it warm up,
get your protective equipment on along with helmet and gloves and go and enjoy your new found power.

Thank you for purchasing one of the UK ECUís and remember ride safely!!!

Deathace (Russ)