I had ridden various bikes over the years from my first a Kawasaki AR 50 to a Honda Fireblade Urban Tiger.
Being a know all teen I scared the shit out of myself on the blade to the extent where I stopped riding bigger bikes for a while
and stuck to the ones that were not likely to tempt me to open them up. Then in 2004 I bought my current bike as I missed the freedom
of riding and had been on and off riding for about 12 years at the time. I researched various bikes of all different sizes and makes and having
test ridden a fair few I decided upon the 2000 model ZX600J1 (ZX-6R). I could have bought anything that was on the market but I told
myself that I would go no higher than a 600cc (hence why I didn't get the later 636 or higher) to get back into riding, at least for a couple of years.

Having had the bike now for nearly 3 years now and each day it gets better and better I am continually updating it or modifying it to my liking.
This site will give an overview of what has been done to the bike over the time that I have owned it, And an idea of future modifications.
If you have any questions then by all means drop me a mail and I will endeavour to answer them as best I can.

Addition to the above I have bought a 1987 Honda CBR 600 F (Jelly Mould) which is the first year of registration for them and currently
in the process of restoring it, although it was bought as a winter hack I will be doing various bits to it, if your interested then take a look at
the site for that particular bike here and any comments contact me below or via that site.

You can mail me using the following address.